Spring Thaw — 2011

Pictures taken at the 2011 Spring thaw

The AMCA attended the 'Spring Thaw' this year that was held at the Deerfoot Mall Parking lot, and the turnout was great. Weather had been pretty much poor for most of the spring, but that day was almost T-Shirt weather. We were really happy that mother nature was on our side. Lots of people attended.

We even spotted Ian's Black '72 Javelin sitting a few rows from us.

The cars of the AMCA at the "Spring Thaw " 2011 Gathering

Stan Barlow's white 70 Javelin


Larry Chapple's 67 Super American


Regan Orsulak's purple 75 Gremlin

Rory Beane's yellow 72 Javelin AMX

Ian McNabb's black 72 Javelin (Non-Member)

Vince Josephy's white 64 Rambler Classic

Dave Sikma's 73 Javelin "Rainbow Warrior"

Gary Thoreson's 1974 "Oleg Cassini" Matador

Thanks to all that showed up, and hopefully we will see you again at the next spring thaw!