2nd Anual AMCA BBQ in Red Deer 2012


Our 2nd annual BBQ came on Sept 15, 2012. Some of the Calgary group convoy'ed up at about 10:20 am. When we got there, quite a few members (Edmonton and Calgary) were already there.

Everyone went around and checked out other's cars. Dean and Ken did the usual trading parts, and Keith BBQ'd the food. Everyone pitched in.

We started eating early, and filled up in no time. The plan was, to have lunch, and then have supper after our official meeting. By the time the meeting came, we were all too full to eat again.


Stan Barlow Winner of the annual 'Garry Bennick' Memorial Award With his 1959 Rambler American


Some of the cars that made it to the BBQ:


Dean Reitan's 1981 Eagle Sport (Vader)

Terry Nekolaichuk's 1974 Javelin AMX

Geoff Shurrock's 1970 Rebel Machine (The Machine)

Gary Thoreson's 1974 "Oleg Cassini" Matador

Larry Chapple's 1967 (and a half) Super American

Wayne Berube's 1969 Javelin

Phillip Horricks-Berube's 1973 Levi's Gremlin

Don Francoeur's 1959 Ambassador "The Pink Panther"

Terry Shuflita's AMX

Charlene's 1980 J-10 Jeep (Alice)

Correction - Pam Beane's 1972 Javelin AMX (Buttercup)

Kurt Kutynec's 1973 Javelin 401 - 4 speed

Ron Stockdale's 1966 custom Marlin

Ken Ames with his 1980 Spirit AMX

Charlie Berube and his 1973 Javelin


Some other cool rides:

Steve Gaal and his 'Red Express' Truck.

Stan Barlow used his vintage Ford to tow his '59 Rambler.



Some of the Meeting pictures:


Graeme presenting Stan Barlow with the 'Garry Bennick' Memorial Award

Stan Barlow also won 'Favorite' AMC

Graeme won for Favorite AMC too!

With the draws, Don Francoeur won...

Don Francoeur won again...

Don Won again! Ok, this ain't funny no more...

AND Then Don won again (we want a re-count), so he sent his wife up...

Thank God somebody else won... I was getting worried there...

Why is everyone staring at me??


All Joking aside, there were several winners of the draw (but Don did rake it in) Keith Butler and Jen won, Steve, the other Keith, Charlene, Kevin, and a few others.


Pam joking around and being funny. She really helped out a lot, but still took time out to be silly.

Is it a baby sitter? is it a cross-walk attendant? is it Gordon Ramsey? NNOOOOO!!! IT'S Super Chef...

Kevin and 'Uncle Rich'

How's the food, guys??

A Scene from Occupy Wall Street...

Keith BBQ'ing up da food (Yum)

The Center is a really great place to do this.

Psst! Steve... don't disturb him, he's sleeping...

Arial photograph of the photo op. (just kidding, I was standing on the roof of the Community center.)


We would very much like to thank:

Charlene Marshall for organizing all of this, Keith B. for the BBQ and for cooking, and everyone for showing up and bringing food.



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