First Anual AMCA BBQ in Red Deer 2011


Saturday September the 17th both the Calgary and Edmonton chapters got together for our annual meet in Red Deer for a BBQ.

From Calgary, Larry Chapple led our convoy with Dave Sikma bringing up the rear.

With Keith running the bbq, and Charlene, Pam, Carol, Helga and Louise in the kitchen preparing the food, it was a great spread. Thanks to all who brought salads, desserts, cheese and crackers - And a big thanks to the Red Deer Co-op.

Total number of Members and family was about 70.

The three latecomers were, Ken Ames, Dean Retian, and Jared P. Ken had rescued a 1980 4 door eagle from the Edmonton Pick 'n Pull, and Dean had bought it. The three got it running, and then the small convoy (with Dean driving his new prize) headed to Red Deer.

We got there, ate, and then we had our Meeting.

Our President Regan, went over how the club is doing, and what's in store in the future.

One thing we have decided is on a new award - The 'Garry Bennick' Memorial Award, which will be presented annually for the AMC to members in good standing.

Rory mentioned that he brought his laptop, and had about 600+ pictures from the Sonoma Nationals

The winner this year was Graeme Davies, who actually bought a beautiful 'Green Hornet' from Ken.

Steve Gaal and Don Francoeur also won prizes for their cars.

After our meeting, some of us decided to head over to Norm Fontaine's acreage, and check out his collection. Good thing there's no ATM nearby, or most of us would have been broke...


Graeme Davies 1st winner of the annual The 'Garry Bennick' Memorial Award


Some of the cars that made it to the BBQ:


Dean cleaning off the lettering from the Pick 'n Pull yard

Graeme and his Award



Some of the Meeting pictures:


Who wants to donate to "Repair Regan's Transmission" ??

Anyone ????

Graeme being presented his award

"No Pictures - See my Agent" Rory keeping the paparazzi under control

Don Francoeur's turn to speak to the crowd...

some members and family

More members pics

Many, many more members pics...



Some pictures at Norm Fontaine's:

(Somebody buy these, Pul-ease!!)


We would very much like to thank:

Charlene Marshall for organizing all of this, Keith B. for the BBQ and for cooking, and everyone for showing up and bringing food.


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