Red Deer CAMA Show — Red Deer 2011

Saturday August 13th was a perfect day for a car show; warm and sunny. We gathered at Humpty's Classic Café in Gasoline Alley around 9 AM and headed for the show. There were 2 more members there when we arrived, and several showed up afterwards so there were 15 AMC cars at the show.


Prizewinners were Don Francoeur, Gerry Joly, Ron Richards, Wayne Berube and Rory Beane.


Rory Beane's 72 Javelin AMX

Gary Thoreson's 74 Matador Oleg Cassini

Larry Chapple's 67 American

Regan Orsulak's 75 Gremlin

Geoff Shurrock's 70 Rebel Machine

Gerry Joly's 70 Rebel Machine

Don Francoeur's 59 Ambassador "Pink Panther"

Loren Domshy's 69 Rambler 4 dr

Wayne Berube's 69 Javelin

Duane Schick's 78 AMX

Ron Richards' 68 AMX

Dave Tarini 74 Javelin


Charlie Berube's 73 Javelin


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