Keith's FC-170 Project

Our first weekend was May 6th, 2012. Several members arrived to start the large project that Keith had been taking on for some time.

Rory, Rich, Vince, Jared, and Larry all pitched in.

This started out as a single cab, (meaning this was a short 2-person cab) and Keith found another exact 'short' cab to graph onto it, and ending up with an extended cab - Room enough for at least 4 people.

We are here to finish the project Keith started.

NOTE: I've posted a video of this (one of many) of the work - First one HERE

2nd video of the project work HERE

3rd video of project HERE

4th video of project HERE

5th video of project HERE

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8th video of project HERE

9th video of project HERE

10th video of project HERE

11th Video of Project HERE

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First photos show the project before we start:

Here's what started the whole thing:

Keith originally bought an FC-170 single cab.

Cleaned it up, and painted it.

Keith decided that the cab had too little room for people (being a single cab) so he found another single cab to make the whole thing into an extended cab fc.

Keith then started to graph the two together

and got everything welded up to secure them together

the last pre-picture is of how most of you have seen it.

This is Keith taking it to be sandblasted, and in prep of us hacking it up to rebuild the body panels, and make it look real purty.

Ok, so that's the 're-cap' on Keith's FC-170, now, on with the project...

After Keith Sandblasted the whole thing, Keith and Jared prepared the project by getting the Jeep as low as possible onto blocks, got it level, and then waited for the others to arrive.

Here's a pic of the 'Fred Flinstone' floor. Actually, the floor is pretty much non-existent.

This is from the 'Second Cab' and I don't think it had much of a floor to begin with.

Once we get the panels we need removed, and get it square, we will be building a frame to put the floor on.

That will be later on... First things first.

First task was to cut off all the panels that needed to be re-alined, and to fix needed areas.

Jared had just finished cutting the roof off, and we would soon be cutting into the sides.

We will be cutting into the sides, doors, trimming the back, and putting in new sections for side windows.

Here's a pic of the guys getting the cab square. Then we braced it all up, and continued to cut out the panels and welds we would be replacing.

Another shot of Rich really lending his expertise.

At this point, you can see we've cut almost down the whole sides.

The two cabs are pretty much in half again.

As you can see, the roof, sides and body is sagging in relation to the other half.

The small side window that you see here, will be made into bigger, more square shaped windows.

At this point, we've got the structure re-enforced, and can get both lined up to get the drip rail, the roof, and some inner structure tied in.

One of the drip rails on, and some re-enforcing to the inside of that drip rail.

Once we get the roof re-patched, we will be adding structure to strengthen it.

A better view of the inner structure. it's coming along nicely.

The Next gathering was June 12th

Rory, Keith, Jared, Larry, Rich, and we also had Regan, and Kevin.

We got the new roof piece cut, and sitting in it's rightful spot.

We supported the new roof, to start welding it in.

There's actually quite a bit to do getting the new section of the roof in.

After it was welded in, Rory and Jared spend some time hammering the welded seam back out to level with the rest of the roof, and so we don't end up with two puckered seams.

Here's a shot of Rory and Rich getting another piece to go in, and Regan in the background.

During the next few weeks:

Keith and Jared continued to work on the FC.

Jared worked on the framing for the new windows, plus we filled quite a few holes in that were rusted thru.

Keith got some of the mounts for the front back in.

Jared also made a patch for the back of the cab (what used to be second cab) and welded it in.

We also started to cut out the old patches where Rory had marked off, get it ready for the next Garage day.

Next Garage day was July 8th.

Rory, Rich and Jared showed up, and started to frame what would be the new floor. Alot of welding got it in.

we also planned to get rid of the rest of the old patches, and plan out the rockers, and bottom to the sides.

There's gonna be alot more framing and re-enforcing, but for now, we've got the basic outline of what we're gonna do.

Keith also made new mounts, and got those in as well. We cut off the old corners, and we also pulled in and straightened the back half of the cab.

Rory wants to re-make the door frames, and other structure.

More rebuilding and getting the inside walls straight and flat.

We cut quite a bit of the inside door jam out, got it flat with the rest of the inside panels, and then started bracing it up.

Bracing looks crappy, but it's actually quite strong. We welded as much as we could, and then got it ready for new side panels.

You can see Keith holding one of the new pieces.

Here's the new side piece, and where it goes. Keith has been cutting and grinding it to fit.

Now There's a new part of the wheel well for the front tire. This is actually Stainless steel, but it welds up to regular steel just fine. We got it shaped and tacked in.

We are gonna be building a frame along this area for the floor. We will make a border, and then putting in cross-braces. Then we'll extend the door frame/jam to tie into this framing.

Here's a pic of the door. We cut slits into the existing bottom frame, and then bent it in the proper curve to match the body.

You can also see the new piece sticking down that forms the new back jam frame.

Quite a bit has been removed. Almost a third of the rear passenger door.

We are getting it ready for a new corner piece, and to fix the framing and door panels.

More videos to come! Stay posted Folks!

I've decided to continue with the videos instead of the write-up, it's quicker

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