Dean's entry to World of Wheels 2012

Dean had decided he was gonna enter his Eagle for the World Of Wheels Car Show. We needed to do a bit of work on her to get it ready, so the club got together and got it looking great.


Our first weekend together was jan 22nd on a Sunday. Regan, Dean, Rory, Larry, Phil, Keith, Jared, and Gary, were all there to lend a hand.

We cleaned the car, and then Rory started instructing us on how to repair paint. Since Dean's eagle was the perfect subject for repairing paint, we went to town on it.


From the ever important bending of the razor blade to get that perfect 15-20 degree arc, and the artist's skill to fill in the rock chips with a microscopic paint brush, to the very fine perpendicular planing and leveling of the touched-up paint, we were set to work repairing Dean's paint job with a master's touch.

Actually, we globed the paint in the chips, and pretty much tore it back out with the brute strength of The Hulk, but we did get the idea...



A lot of effort was spent to get chip filling and the razoring of the paint just right for wetsanding.

Several of the guys (including Jared) spent most of their time filling in as many chips as they could.



Here's a shot of Rory polishing up the car paint. Amazing that you can make a 26 year old car look that good.

And we are talking original paint here. I mean all we did was fill in the rock chips, smooth it all out, wet sanded it, and then polished it.

Unreal that old, oxidized paint can come out looking that good.


Meanwhile, Dean set to work on fixing the plastic trim. He pretty much got the strips along the rockers back on and looking good.

Some of us got hungry, so Dean paid for lunch, and Keith picked it up, with Coffee all around.

Rory started showing us proper wet sanding techinque, and then we took over.

Here's a picture of Phil, showing us how skilled he really is.




It actually looks like we know what we are doing in this picture, checking, dabbing in paint to the rock chips, and then carefully shaving them out.

Rory was still there to correct and to instruct.


Next weekend of the 'Dean Project' was Jan 29th.

Keith brought coffee. Rory, Jared, Dean, Keith, Larry and Kevin showed up for this weekend.

We set to work doing more filling of rock chips, more wet-sanding and buffing.


Rory also started prepping and painting the plastic fender/rocker panel trim.

Thanks to Keith for bringing the coffee, and since we worked late into the evening, Dean bought us pizza. Actually, Dean ordered the pizza, but Jared had to drive Dean to get said pizza, 'cause Dean don't know the South end of the city!

Well, at least we were fed! Thx Dean!


The last weekend was Feb 12. We showed up early this time - Around 9 am.

Those who showed were Rory, Dean, Keith, Jared, and Phil. Keith again brought coffee.

Here's a shot of Rory putting more coats of matched paint onto the trim.

Actually turned out looking really good.


More coats going on.



There wasn't much room between the new Motorcraft 2150 carb that Dean installed and the master cylinder, so Keith and Dean went to work trying to form some kind of modified air cleaner pan.

It looks more original, then the 'Hot Rod' cleaner Dean has now.

Keith will work on that during the week approaching the World of Wheels weekend.



We painted and installed the grille, headlight bucket trim, finished painting the fender/rocker trim, and the bottom of the doors.

Dean and Rory also started putting back the 'Eagle' emblems.

You almost can't even tell that we took those off, repaired a great many chips, and it was polished, and the Eagle Badge went back on.


Here is a 'fish-eye' lens shot of Dean's Eagle outside after all that work.

It's now all ready for the show.

All in all, we got a lot done, and Dean's car looks much better.


And here's Dean setting up at the World of Wheels.

He's changing out the tires/rims to original rims that came on the car, (as the rims he has on now, are Mazda rims) and getting her all cleaned up.

Hey, in the background, is that Herbie??



I'll be putting up a separate World of Wheels page, so I'm gonna end this Project here.

But I wanted to note, that Dean came in Second in his class.



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