Bowling night 2012


March 17, 2012 – Bowling night

On Saturday night we had our annual bowling night again. We had a great turn out with the AMC family. It started with us meeting at “let’s bowl” in Calgary. We went 5 pin bowling last year and this year we tried 10 pin bowling.

What a difference it was between the two, 10 pins takes a lot more finesse and style as opposed to 5 pin. After all was said and done, everyone enjoyed two games, pizza and beverages. It is really great to inter-mingle the families together and we hope to do more of it.

We broke the clan into three lanes, we divide into three teams; Team “Larry” – Larry Chapple, Duane Schick, Charlene Marshall, Pam Beane and Rory Beane; Team “Stacey” – Stacey Barlow, Stan Barlow, Dave Sikma, Kiefer Sikma and Kaelen Sikma; Team “Rich” – Rich Stillinger, Keith Butler, Kevin Fonseca, Regan Orsulak and Carol Rogowski.

After the games were tallied, it was Team “Larry” in 1st with a combined score of 949, Team “Rich” in 2nd with a combined score of 927 and Team “Stacey” in 3rd with a combined score of 799. It did not matter what the scores were, who came in first and second, it was about fun and we did have that.

For all those that missed out, you really did miss a great night. See you all next year on the bowling lanes.







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