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The American Motors Club of Alberta

"Dedicated to Preservation and Restoration since 1994"

The AMCA had its official beginning and became a Club on the night of September 13, 1994 when the original group met at the Edmonton Inn. One of the things we decided on right away was to get together with our cars and hold a private Car Show to celebrate the birth of our group.

We decided to bring our cars down to MacKinnon Park on Sunday morning - the week after our first meeting. What a spectacular fall morning it turned out to be and look at the collection of great looking AMC's that turned out on that day.

Looking back at these pictures that I resurrected from the AMCA Photo Archives - I can't help be impressed with what a great group we immediately formed. These are people who were proud of their vehicles and were happy to share their experiences and contribute to the start of our fledgling little Club. Who knew then how this Club would continue to develop and grow and look at us now - 10 years later.

As in all groups some members moved away or dropped out but you will recognize many names in the group below who have supported and contributed regularly to the AMCA over the years.

I am proud of the AMCA and the members who have contributed to its success. Let's continue to have just as much fun and continue the spirit showed that morning in Edmonton 10 years ago.

Here are the members who took part that morning:

Our 10th Anniversary — by Rick Johnson

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