Ramblin' In The Rockies — Jasper 2012

After 17 years the Jasper car show is still what I would consider one of the most enjoyable shows of the year. Though it was very small, with only 17 cars, the people that came to see the cars were thrilled that we were there. Many of the crowd, some having traveled half the way around the world on their vacations, have never seen a classic car and could hardly believe that we would actually drive them. Meeting and talking with the people is a definite highlight of the event.


The weather this year, was the same as other years, a bit of sun, a bit of rain but all in all warm and comfortable.

Depending on when you left Edmonton determined how much rain you had to drive through and by the time Brenda and I reached Edson, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out.

Great View of some of the cars that made it.

Another great shot.


With all the rain that the mountains have had this year the rivers were running fast and the heavy snow pack of winter still covered the peaks. The air was fresh and the trees wasted no time at all in covering the cars in a fresh coat of yellow pollen.

Loren and Gayle Domshy arrived in Jasper on Thursday to get everything set up and upon arriving we were greeted at the Tekerra Lodge with snacks and fresh coffee in the great room of the Lodge. This room has become a focal point for us, as it is the perfect place to gather. After supper at the L&W on Saturday Cec and his family joined us at the Lodge for an evening visiting and swapping stories.


Other Car sightings



Sunday always comes too fast and all that remains is the return trip home. Though I have not heard of any others having problems on the trip the charge light of the Panther went on just east of Hinton. We were able to get back without problems though the bearings of the generator were making a horrible noise when we did get home.


The Tekerra is booked again for next year and I hope that those that have not attended consider coming. I like to think of it as part of my yearly vacation plan and find that it is relaxing and rewarding. When have you been to a car show that you find out that the cost of fuel in England is 1pound 40 or $2.25 per litre?

Some of the cars that were at Jasper Gathering:—

Ron Stockdale's Beautiful custom Marlin

Dave Axler '69 Ambassador


Larry Chapple's 1967½ American 440H

Ken Ames 1979 AMX



Don Francoeur's 'Pink Panther' 1959 Ambassador.

Loren Domshy's Pacer


~ Don Francoeur

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