Ramblin' In The Rockies — Jasper 2010

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Heres some pics of the Jasper run. I guess this will be our last time at this place [The Pallisades].

The trip was awesome. We all met at PetroCan and left for Jasper around 1:00 PM and traveled in a group until we hit Lake Louise. After that it turned into a race to see if we could get to Jasper before the car wash closed. There were many great sights, including many viewings of wildlife. One picture that will remain in our minds for a long time would be the line up of cars and bikes waiting for one large Ram to get off the road, but he was just fine leading the whole group of his new followers down the road "at his own pace". Pat [Potter], Rori [Bean], and myself arrived in Jasper in time to catch the car wash before they closed, and gave the cars a quick wash.

After a drying off we were off to our favorite restaurant for some really good food.

The Weekend Retreat"

With full bellies we all climbed into our cars and proceded off to the Pallisades. A few switches had been made in some of the rooms — and I was sure glad for that. Ended up being a pretty primative room for Rick and I with just a sheet separating the room. Rick figured he and the Misses need a little more privacy than that., so we all sat up and shared stories of what had happen since we were together last. At around 11 we all bedded down.

Gary Thoreson's 1974 "Oleg Cassini" Matador X

Breakfast time

"Hey, where is everyone?"

Surveying the AMCs

Morning came and coffee was first on the agenda. At the ring of the dinner bell we all sat down for a great breakfast. Then it was off to the show and shine. This year we were pushed across the road to another parking lot, but I think it turned out just as good — maybe a few less spectators, but it still was a good show.

The guys threw open the trunks and brought out the cleaning supplies, and the women brought out the "plastic" and proceeded on there own little journey.

Playing horseshoes

"Magic Creek"
Sittin' back and relaxing

After the show, some went on the boat ride to Spirit Island, and some went off to Pyramid Lake. We all met back at the Palisades for a great supper, and with the fire blazing, we all settled down for some fun. We were lucky to be so close to the "magic stream" — it didn't matter who went down to the stream they always came back with a supply of "Wobblie Pops"! A few guys tried their skill at horseshoes and had fun until either the light was dimming, or they had too many "wobblies", which interfered with the game. It was well after midnight when the last bedroom light was turned off.

Morning came with another great breakfast, and we all said our good byes and got our hugs for the road. Then it was back to Calgary and Edmonton for all but a few who stayed another night. For myself I visited Athabasca Fall on the way home, following suggestion from a few who had been there before. What an awesome place — ust like a mini Niagra Falls!!

A couple of pictures of Athabasca Falls

So now home and saving the memories of another great time. Hopefully we can arrange for other accomodations for next year and carry on the tradition. It will probably be a week earlier to avoid the higher rates but I'm sure that next year we will soon adapt to te change. Heck, I've already adapted to the change when I showed up at the "Petro Can" a week early and waiting for everyone for a while before realizing I had the wrong week end!!

Some of the cars that were at Jasper:—

Pat Potter's 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin

Charlie Berube's 1973 Pierre Cardin 401 Javelin SST

Don Francoeur's 1959 Ambassador

Larry Chapple's 1967½ American 440H

Ken Ames' 1970 "Green Hornet"

Gerry Joly's 1970 Rebel "The Machine"

Derek Seath's 1968 AMX

~ Gary Thoreson

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