"Hot August" Show 'n' Shine
St. Albert, Alberta

Saturday, August 8th saw the St. Albert Hot August Show 'n' Shine live up to its name.

Weather can be an unpredictable factor in any car show, especially in Alberta. There have been years when shows scheduled in July or August have been snowed out. In 2009, the weather in early July was cool and wet for the first three weeks of the month, then warmed up and dried out just in time for the AMCA's show at Lake Chestermere.

The usual patterns have been a very hot July — temperatures in the 30 - 35°C range ( 85 - 100°F ), then cooling down to a more comfortable mid-20°C in August. However, this year the warm weather held until late September, and the St. Albert show enjoyed fantastic weather and a wonderful turn-out of both cars and spectators.

Representing the AMCA were Don Francoeur ('59 Ambassador), Rick Johnson (68 AMX), and Charlie Berube (73 Pierre Cardin Javelin). Rick won second place for "Sports Cars - two seaters"

Here are some of the vehicles displayed in that show.

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1963 IHC Pick-up

"RHD" Jaguar E-type

Inside the XKE ...

1960's MG Srite

60's IHC Scout

63 Corvette Convertible

The Enthusiastic Crowds ...

... kept coming and coming!

The AMCA cars ...

Don Francoeur's '59 Ambassador ...

Rick Johnson's '68 AMX

Charlie Berube's
'73 Pierre Cardin Javelin

'58 Pontiac Parisienne convertible

'67 Camaro RS

1929 Ford

Chevette Dragster

Early Ford Truck

Award Winners –
Rick Johnson (extreme right)

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