The "Playmate Pink" 1968 AMX

"In 1968, AMC congratulated Angela Dorian, the Playboy "1968 Playmate of the Year" by handing her the keys to a brand-new AMX, powered by a 290 and painted pink. Yes, pink. The dash-mounted serial plate (#362335) was custom-made to reflect her measurements. Brandy Burgard of Inverness, Florida, had her father-in-law clone that pink Playboy AMX for her. The real one remains with Dorian, who has since repainted it black."

"On pink cars...

"The trend with pink cars probably started before Mary Kay, as Playboy called their color ‘Playmate Pink’ on the Playmate of the Year car given away in 1964. Angela Dorian, who was the Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1968, got a brand new….pink AMX. Unfortunately she hated the color and it would end up being brown, grey then black as time went on, but she still owns it, as of 2008."

Eddie Stakes, from (

Pink AMX Clone
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